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Top 5 Reasons Winter is Perfect for a Hawaii Wedding?

We get lots of question about people wanting to know, “is winter a good time for a Hawaii wedding“? Let’s explore the Top 5 Reasons to have a winter Hawaii wedding.

#5 It’s Whale Season

If you want to have a chance of getting a whale jumping in the background of your wedding photos you need to have a Hawaii wedding in the winter time. Whale breading season is in the winter time and whale watching is a fun and amazing experience you won’t want to miss while in Hawaii.

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#4 Family can Easily Attend your Ceremony

Since it is winter break for school kids it is a convenient time for your family to be able to attend your wedding in Hawaii, because their children are on winter break.

#3 Have an Individual Wedding Date

Everybody gets married during the summer time. Be different and have a wedding date that isn’t days apart from all of your friends. Get married in Hawaii and you will be one of the few with a winter wedding date making for a great time for an anniversary.

#2 Escape the Snow and the Cold

I know that scraping your car windows and digging your car out of the snow is a fun time, but even the biggest snow lovers get tired of it. Why not escape to the Hawaiian paradisea, get married, thaw out and brighten your spirits.

#1 Winter Time is Warm and Beautiful

Unlike the rest of the US during the winter,  Hawaii is still in the toasty warm 80’s with a nice breeze. So if you want to trick yourself into thinking your having a summer wedding, just have a Hawaii wedding and you won’t even know the difference.




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